DAVIEL aka Davide Giannotti is an Italian visionary artist, dj-producer and sound therapist.
Since an early stage he dedicated himself to investigate the profound connections between frequencies, body, mind, nature and later gave birth to a music style called Psy-Dream, deep trance sounds made with alternative tunings, inducing brainwave entrainment and change in state of consciousness. He loves to play his magic in stunning outdoors locations and to join music festivals worldwide (Listen sets)
A true storyteller, he hold space at those special moments that demand a soundtrack that charges the atmosphere and takes the listeners to an other level of experience.
He's currently performing Trance ceremonies in an art centre (AlquimiaHealingArts) and always journeying.

Meditation - Ambient


Album composed in Just Intonation tuning with brain entrainment to lower the brainwaves from Beta to Alpha/Theta and stimulate 8hz, helping to reduce stress and reach a deep state of meditation.


Music for change the brainwaves and the state of consciousness.
Composed with binaural or monaural beats and isochronic tones (brainwaves entrainment). 
More info inside.


Drone 64hz tone with entrainment (binaural and isochronic tones) to stimulate low Delta waves.
Eventually the entrainment will be zero hertz, so it may induce an Out of Body Experience. 


Music designed to give a sensorial experience, expanding the surrounding, reaching a deep state of emptiness.
The carrier frequency is 111Hz, the resonance frequency found in most of the sacred temples worldwide


Music for Altered States is a multisensorial experience subtly designed for letting you embrace a change in perceptions and a long lasting focus, to actively unleash a natural state of ecstasy and bliss.


For meditation in Space.


Psychedelic ambient music for Altered States

AMAZON FOREST (recordings)

Early morning rain recording of the Amazon forest in Ecuador (Napo region) made on March 2019.
Perfect to use as a background music during sleep or meditation.



​The Trance Dance, or Dance of the Spirit, is a spiritual practice used by ancient cultures worldwide, not only for recreational purposes but for re-creation and healing through movements in a state of presence.
This journey is divided in two parts:
THEORY: you will learn the Brainwaves and how the brain works, how to change the state of consciousness by music and what the Trance Dance is.
EXPERIENCE: you will enjoy two hours of Trance in Dance (with a blindfold ) to reach a trance state while dancing with designed music.
Will follow a 30-minute of deep sound journey to complete the experience.
​All the music is designed with specific tuning, rhythm, frequencies and brainwaves entrainment to change the state of consciousness.
LOCATION: Portugal or worldwide upon request.
​Language available: English, Spanish or Italian.
​Workshop duration: approx. 6 hours.
More info about Trance here.

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Glad to show you my first experiment in making sounds just using the brainwaves.
I connected the EEG band (Muse) to the app (brain2midi) so that each range of frequencies is translated into differents sounds.

The Science behind Trance

The state of Trance is defned as a “temporary marked alteration in the state of consciousness or loss of customary sense of personal identity” (International Classifcation of Disorders, 1992).

La Terapia Sonoro-Vibrazionale e gli stati vegetativi

Nel luglio del 2014 si è dato inizio ad un percorso di ricerca volto a verificare le capacità del suono di modificare i parametri vitali di soggetti in Stato Vegetativo.

Guide To Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) is one of the most powerful, mind-enhancing tools available today. Countless studies have verified its benefits – from cognitive performance to alleviating stress, to even countering physical pain.

My studio cave in Portugal

Portugal Alquimia Centre

Cosmic Convergence festival (guatemala) 2018-2019
Daviel 1st of january set

Cosmic Convergence festival (guatemala) 2018-2019
Daviel 1st of january set

Making music - Guatemala

OT301 Amsterdam

Pop-up Yoga studio - Amsterdam
Sound journey

Tree of Life festival - Turkey

Sound Journey - Alquimia centre in Portugal

Individual Sound Journey - Guatemala

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